1200 x 800 Husqvarna Multi Mower Display.jpg

Goal: Red Wing Shoes was seeking opportunities to create brand presence and product awareness for multi-line footwear retailers. There are many brands in this independent retail channel and window space is at a premium. Securing window space provides the greatest opportunity for shopper awareness and engaging brand loyalists, but since space is generally limited, the sign or communication element needs to meet the retailers approval for guaranteed placement.
Solution: aislelogic® designed a dimensional, faux neon, illuminated logo sign that maintained the brand equity and represents the detailed Red Wing logo that many can identify and relate to quality and heritage. The first sign was produced using fluorescent lighting and has since transformed to an energy efficient LED light source while also eliminating the need for any service or bulb replacement.
Result: Independent footwear retailers proudly placed the LED Illuminated Sign in their primary storefront windows. Shopper awareness resulted in additional footwear sales and the Red Wing brand increased consumer confidence in the retailers service and the quality expected of Red Wing retailers.